Active Tag Ear Tags

Our Active Tag Ear Tags are easy and quick to install and have a battery life of up to 5 years.


Product Code
986 0000-369 (1 Pack Active Ear Tag/M2Z)
986 0000-380 (5 Pack Active Ear Tag/M2Z)
Suitable for:

Insights from cow behaviour.

Product icon - Insights
Cow behaviour is translated into easy-to-understand insights.
Product icon - Record and Update Animal Data
Rumination, feeding, resting, lying & standing analysed hourly.
Product icon - Peace of Mind
Peace of mind knowing you have eyes on your herd 24/7.
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Real insights in real-time with Datamars Livestock software.
    Product Features

    Read distance to Farm Network Gateway: 500 m
    Storage capacity if out of range of gateway: 10 days
    Battery life: Up to 5 years
    Weight: 25 g
    Dimensions: 37 mm x 15 mm x 68 mm
    Tagger: Compatible with Z Tags male tags and No-Tear-Tagger™

    • Receive timely heat alerts, AI windows, and heat intensity updates directly to your phone, enabling you to monitor activity from anywhere.
    • Easily identify issues including anestrous, irregular heats, and pregnancy loss.
    • Seamlessly manage the entire reproduction lifecycle with our advanced Reproduction Report and its customisable settings.
    • Stay ahead of herd health issues through early warnings of changes in animal behaviour.
    • Know which cows have calved for prompt attention with our Likely Calved alert.
    • Inform herd management decisions by understanding the impact of management changes on group activity.
    • Locate specific cows effortlessly with our unique and intuitive Find My Cow feature.
    • Monitor heat, health, reproductive performance, group activity, and likely calving with insights from a multi-metric analysis of each cow's behaviour.
    • Access your information through Datamars Livestock from any device with an internet connection.
    • Automatically receive information as cows come into a 500-metre range of the Farm Network Gateway mounted at your dairy shed.
    • Farm Network Gateway features a plug-and-play design that's easy to install to get you started quickly.
    • Easily connect with Wi-Fi, LTE, or ethernet and receive updates automatically, making the Farm Network Gateway virtually maintenance-free.
    • Integrates with the systems you already use on the farm, including sort gates and farm management software.