Our weighing technology products are powerful performance measurement tools to help you confidently make critical decisions about feed, health treatments and herd size. 


Take the guesswork out of weighing 

Product icon - Track Performance
Easily monitor weight gains to ensure livestock are sold at optimum weight grade.
Product icon - Reproduction
Maximise reproductive performance with simple offspring weight gain monitoring.
Product icon - Animal Health
Enhance livestock health and minimise treatment waste with more accurate dosage.
Product icon - Insights
Identify sick or lame animals early with accurate data-informed insights.


Product Overview


  Model Integrated Bluetooth Record Weights & ID Tags Store other information Analysis Drafting
XR5000 Yes 1 million Up to 100 traits Advanced 10-way manual/auto
ID5000 Yes 1 million Up to 5 traits Advanced 5-way manual/auto
JR5000 Yes 1 million 1 x note per animal Weight gain 5-way manual/auto
S3 Yes Unlimited on Data Link phone app Designed to be integrated with third party management software

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