Electronic Plate Meter EC-09

Automatically records each reading and displays the number of samples taken, average pasture height and cover. 


Product Code
880 0002-659

Accurately measure and manage your pasture

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Create quick, easy and accurate feed budgets.
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Save time without compromising on accuracy.
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Automatically record readings and calculate pasture cover.
    Product Features
    • Accuracy is second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples. 
    • Select and use different calculation formulas and the selected formula will remain in use until changed. 
    • All data and records are retained when the counter is switched off. 
    • The integrated counter case protects the potentiometer and reduces maintenance. 
    • Measurement range of 0-250mm of compressed pasture height (0-400mm with optional extended shaft). 
    • Hand-calibrated to ensure readings taken by all plate meters are comparable. 
    • New results can be compared to old ones without changing reading accuracy.  
    • Adjust the sample counter position to suit your preferences. 
    • High-quality materials and manufacturing ensure reliability and long service life. 
    • 12-month warranty.